Redefining Token Trading and Ownership: Our pioneering regulatory initiative is set to redefine token trading, aligning unregistered tokens with legal frameworks for enhanced legitimacy and security.

Our Evolution: Qorra has evolved from a visionary concept to a leader in tokenised digital asset and NFT insurance. We're committed to delivering secure, reliable, and revolutionary protection solutions.

Why Choose Qorra for NFT and Digital Asset Insurance?

In today's digital era, assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs are pivotal in our financial ecosystem. With their increasing value and adoption, the risks of cyber theft, NFT fraud, and unexpected digital asset losses are escalating.

Addressing the Digital Insurance Gap: Traditional insurance and security methods fall short in the complex world of digital currencies and NFTs. Qorra emerged to specifically address this need, pioneering in the realm of NFT and digital asset insurance.

Innovative Regulatory Bridge: We’re leading a ground-breaking initiative to create a bridge for unregistered tokens to be recognised as securities worldwide, potentially transforming token trading and ownership.

Our Mission: Our mission at Qorra is to provide unparalleled digital asset protection, combining blockchain technology, cybersecurity, and innovative insurance practices. We ensure comprehensive protection and compliance with international regulatory standards.

Trusted Expertise: With decades of experience in cybersecurity, blockchain, and insurance, our team has developed robust solutions for today’s digital asset challenges and the regulatory landscapes of tomorrow.

Staying Ahead in Digital Asset Security: We recognise the continuous evolution of digital assets and regulations. Qorra stays ahead, innovating and adapting to future challenges in digital asset security and regulatory compliance.


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