What is Qorra?

Qorra is at the forefront of digital asset insurance, offering innovative solutions for Real-World Assets (RWAs) and blockchain technology projects. We specialise in mitigating the risks associated with digital asset ownership, employing cutting-edge technology to provide comprehensive insurance coverage. 

How does Qorra differ from traditional insurance providers?

Unlike traditional insurance models, Qorra leverages blockchain technology to offer tailored insurance products for digital assets. This approach allows for enhanced transparency, security, and efficiency, addressing the unique challenges and risks of the digital asset space.

Rug Proof Certification

What is Rug Proof Certification?

Rug Proof Certification by Qorra is a security assurance process for blockchain projects and RWAs. It signifies a project’s adherence to the highest standards of security, transparency, and integrity, ensuring it’s protected against common threats and vulnerabilities. This certification is crucial for projects seeking to establish trust and credibility within the blockchain community.

Why is Rug Proof Certification necessary?

With the increasing prevalence of scams, frauds, and security breaches in the blockchain space, Rug Proof Certification serves as a critical tool to distinguish genuine projects from malicious ones. It reassures investors and users about the safety of their investments, encouraging a healthier and more secure ecosystem for digital assets.

How can my project get Rug Proof Certified?

To obtain Rug Proof Certification, projects must undergo a comprehensive evaluation, including team background checks, smart contract audits, and adherence to Qorra’s ethical and security standards. Interested projects can apply through Qorra’s website, where they’ll be guided through the documentation and assessment process.

What are the benefits of Rug Proof Certification for investors?

For investors, Rug Proof Certification means reduced risk of scams and a higher degree of confidence in the security of their investments. It acts as a seal of approval, signalling that a project has met stringent security criteria and is committed to maintaining high ethical standards.

Insurance Coverage

What types of risks does Qorra insurance cover?

Qorra’s insurance covers theft, loss, and hacking incidents, providing comprehensive protection for RWAs and digital assets. It’s designed to secure assets against direct digital threats, ensuring owners can invest and trade with peace of mind. It does not cover market value fluctuations or project abandonment issues.

Can I insure any RWA with Qorra?

Qorra insures a wide range of RWAs, including digital art, collectibles, and virtual real estate. High-value RWAs may require additional verification processes to ensure accurate coverage. Our platform is designed to accommodate various types of digital assets, providing tailored insurance solutions.

How is the insurance premium calculated?

Premiums are calculated based on the RWA’s market value and the scope of coverage desired. Qorra utilises advanced AI tools to appraise RWAs accurately, ensuring premiums reflect the true value of the asset. This transparent fee structure allows for affordable and fair insurance rates.

Using Qorra's Platform

How does Qorra ensure the security of insured assets?

Qorra employs cutting-edge technology, including ISO 27001 certification and the proprietary Multi3™ cryptographic system, to protect digital assets. These measures ensure the highest level of security, guarding against unauthorised access and preserving the integrity of each transaction.

What happens if I lose access to my RWA due to a security breach?

In the event of a security breach resulting in loss or theft, Qorra provides a streamlined claims process. Customers can file a claim through our platform, where our team will promptly review and verify the loss, ensuring a quick and fair compensation process.

How do I get started with Qorra?

Getting started with Qorra is simple. Visit our application, sign up for an account, and connect your digital wallet. From there, you can easily select RWAs to insure, choose your coverage, and pay for your insurance policy, all through our user-friendly platform.

Is there a minimum investment or asset value required to use Qorra's services?

There is no strict minimum investment or asset value required to use Qorra’s services. However, for high-value RWAs or large portfolios, additional verification or customised coverage plans may be necessary to ensure optimal protection.

Token Sale

How Does Qorra's Token System Work?

Qorra leverages QOR, our Ethereum-based utility token, to streamline interactions within our platform. Designed with the growth of our platform and community engagement in mind, QOR tokens ensure consistent value for our holders.

Key Features:

– Utility: QOR tokens are versatile, enabling purchases of RWA insurance and facilitating engagement across the Qorra platform.

– Wrapped Tokens (W-QOR): To enhance flexibility, we’ve introduced W-QOR, allowing holders to participate actively in the ecosystem without affecting their original tokens’ vested status.

– Vesting: Our approach includes staggered vesting periods to mitigate market fluctuations, ensuring a stable and strategic introduction of tokens.

– IDO Phase: Our market debut focuses on fair and transparent token distribution, with strategies for locked liquidity and pricing designed to foster long-term ecosystem growth.

What Is the Total Supply of Qorra Tokens, and How Are They Allocated?

Qorra’s tokenomics feature a total supply of 100 million QOR tokens, thoughtfully distributed across various phases including Pre Seed, Seed Round, Pre Sale, and Public Sale, each with tailored vesting periods to align with our long-term vision and ecosystem health.

What Exclusive Benefits Do Public Sale Participants Receive?

Public Sale participants gain access to a suite of exclusive benefits, highlighting our commitment to rewarding early supporters. These include 12 months of prepaid RWA insurance, attractive token bonuses, premium discounts, and access to personalised services and events.

What Happens to Unsold Tokens?

In line with our community-first philosophy, unsold tokens enter a 3-year vesting pool, ultimately rewarding early private sale and public sale contributors. This strategy underscores our dedication to community rewards and project sustainability.

For an in-depth exploration of our token distribution and vesting details, please refer to our whitepaper’s tokenomics section. [Read More]

Future Plans

What future developments can we expect from Qorra?

We plan to expand our platform to include Web3 in-game assets and RWA insurance policies, develop our product offerings further, and enhance our Rug Proof Certification. We aim to secure more RWA marketplace partnerships and broaden our insurance product range.

How can I stay updated on Qorra's developments?

Follow us on our social media channels, subscribe to our newsletter, and join our community on platforms for regular updates and insights.