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As the digital world evolves, the need for modernised asset protection has intensified. Traditional insurance methods have not kept pace with the rapid advancement and diversity of digital assets. Qorra was founded to revolutionise the approach to digital asset insurance, encompassing a broad range of tokenised real-world assets.

Redefining Token Trading and Ownership: Our pioneering regulatory initiative is set to redefine token trading, aligning unregistered tokens with legal frameworks for enhanced legitimacy and security.

Our Evolution: Transitioning from a visionary idea to a market leader, Qorra now spearheads the insurance of both digital and tokenised real world assets. We are dedicated to providing secure, reliable, and cutting-edge protection solutions.

Why Choose Qorra?

In today’s dynamic financial landscape, the integration of real-world assets into the digital realm through tokenisation is transforming asset management and investment strategies. Qorra leads this transformation by providing comprehensive insurance coverage for both digital assets and tokenised RWAs such as real estate, art, and more.

Bridging the Digital Insurance Gap: Traditional insurance methods often fall short in adequately protecting the nuanced and complex nature of tokenised assets. Qorra specialises in filling this gap, offering innovative solutions designed to secure not only digital currencies and collectibles but also substantial RWAs that have been tokenised.

Innovative Regulatory Bridge: Our pioneering regulatory initiatives are at the forefront of integrating tokenised real-world assets within legal frameworks, enhancing their legitimacy and ensuring robust security. These efforts are crucial for the advancement of token trading and ownership, setting new standards in asset protection.

Our Mission: At Qorra, our mission is to provide unparalleled protection for all digital and tokenised assets. We combine cutting-edge blockchain technology with advanced cybersecurity measures and traditional insurance expertise to deliver comprehensive protection. Our approach ensures compliance with international regulatory standards and adapts to the evolving needs of asset security.

Trusted Expertise: With decades of combined experience in cybersecurity, blockchain technology, and traditional asset insurance, our team is uniquely equipped to address the challenges and opportunities of insuring digital and tokenised RWAs. We develop customised solutions that cater to the specific needs of asset holders in the digital age.

Staying Ahead in Digital Asset Security: As digital assets and tokenisation continue to evolve, Qorra remains committed to innovation and excellence in security practices. We continuously adapt our strategies to protect your investments against emerging threats and to comply with changing regulations.

Qorra Certified

Ready to elevate your project's security and trustworthiness? Follow our step-by-step guide to applying for Rug Proof Certification. Begin your journey towards becoming a certified project today and set a new standard in digital asset security.

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Safe, Easy, Secure

Qorra: Pioneering Protection for Your Digital Assets


Certified Excellence: ISO 27001 certified for information security management.


Proprietary Security: Our advanced Multi3™ cryptographic system ensures unmatched asset protection.


Expert Oversight: A team of security experts guarantees the highest level of operational security.


Continuous Innovation: Actively pursuing SOC2 - Type 2 certification to enhance our security processes.

Trust Qorra to safeguard your digital assets with industry-leading security standards.

Embark on the Journey to Digital Asset Security

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Our mission, at Qorra is to revolutionise digital asset security by offering innovative insurance and secure storage solutions for tokenised real-world assets, gaming, and other digital entities using blockchain technology.

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How It Works

3 Easy Steps to Insure Your Tokenised RWAs with Qorra

Safeguarding your digital assets is straightforward with Qorra. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Connect Wallet

Connect your Web3.0 wallet seamlessly to our platform.

2. Display RWAs in Wallet

View all your digital assets in one place once the wallet is connected.

3. Secure coverage

Secure your tokenised RWAs with comprehensive coverage.


Adam Mazzocchetti

Adam Mazzocchetti

Chief Executive Officer

25+ Years Business Management 

Alisa Katan

Alisa Katan

Chief Brand & Marketing Officer

25+ Years Brand Development & Marketing

Shahroz Khan

Shahroz Khan

Blockchain Developer

4+ Years Development

Howard Poston

Howard Poston

Chief Information Security Officer

15+ Years Cyber & Blockchain Security

Greg Solomon

Greg Solomon

Chief Actuary

30+ Years Insurance Actuary 

Terence Anderson

Terence Anderson

Chief Insurance Officer

35+ Years Insurance Management 

Martin Guerin

Martin Guerin

Head of Product

25+ years Product Development & Operations

Dr. Marcus Powe

Dr. Marcus Powe


40+ Years Start Up Advisory & Entrepreneurship 


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