This certification marks a significant leap forward in safeguarding digital assets against the ever-present threat of scams and breaches.

Why Rug Proof Certification is Essential The blockchain space, for all its innovations, is not immune to vulnerabilities. The rise of scams and fraudulent activities has necessitated a robust mechanism to ensure the integrity and security of digital projects. Rug Proof Certification emerges as the cornerstone of trust, offering a comprehensive vetting process that scrutinises the security posture of blockchain projects and RWAs, mitigating risks and fostering a safer ecosystem.

How Rug Proof Certification Works Rug Proof Certification encompasses a rigorous evaluation process, starting from in-depth team background checks to detailed audits of smart contracts. By adhering to the highest security standards, this certification process not only verifies the technical robustness of projects but also their commitment to ethical practices and investor safety.

Case Studies/Testimonials

Discover how Qorra's Rug Proof Certification has transformed the security landscape for blockchain projects and empowered investors with confidence. From the tokenisation of premium Irish Whiskey to securing leading NFT galleries, our certification has been the hallmark of trust and reliability.

Chad Dunn
NFT Collector and Supporter / Chad Dunn

Chad Dunn

The peace of mind Qorra's solutions bring is unmatched. Their seamless process and robust protection are revolutionary.

Partner, Digital & Technology / Metaverse Merchants

Metaverse Merchants

Qorra is revolutionising digital asset insurance. Their commitment to innovation and security has made them an indispensable partner.


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Unparalleled Security and Service: Partnering with Qorra's Rug Proof Certification has significantly enhanced our digital asset security. Their innovative solutions, including the Multi3 Horreum vault, provide unmatched protection to offer our clients.

How to Get Rug Proof Certified

Ready to elevate your project's security and trustworthiness? Follow our step-by-step guide to applying for Rug Proof Certification. Begin your journey towards becoming a certified project today and set a new standard in digital asset security.

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Have questions? Our FAQ section addresses your queries, offering insights into how Rug Proof Certification can safeguard your digital ventures and enhance the overall security of the blockchain ecosystem.