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Chad Dunn
NFT Collector and Supporter / Chad Dunn

Chad Dunn

The peace of mind Qorra's solutions bring is unmatched. Their seamless process and robust protection are revolutionary.

Partner, Digital & Technology / Metaverse Merchants

Metaverse Merchants

Qorra is revolutionising digital asset insurance. Their commitment to innovation and security has made them an indispensable partner.


OSHI Gallery

Unparalleled Security and Service: Partnering with Qorra's Rug Proof Certification has significantly enhanced our digital asset security. Their innovative solutions, including the Multi3 Horreum vault, provide unmatched protection to offer our clients.

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From secure storage to Qorra-certified clone NFTs, we’ve got your assets covered.

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Total Supply: 100 Million Tokens

Allocation & Vesting:

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Qorra's Milestone Roadmap

Embark on a journey with Qorra as we chart our progress and envision the future. Our roadmap reflects our commitment to innovation, security, and the growth of the digital asset ecosystem:

Foundation and Initial Setup

– Underwriter Partnership: Collaboration with an insurance underwriter to offer comprehensive coverage. 

– WebApp Beta Version: Launch of the beta version, ready for initial testing. 

– Website Launch: A complete, user-friendly platform available for public access. 


Development and Security Enhancement

– Web-App Stage 1 Completion: A fully functional platform with extensive security testing. 

– Cybersecurity Assessment: Comprehensive security checks to ensure robust protection. 

– ISO 27001 Certification: Validation of our commitment to the highest security standards. 


MVP Launch and ICO

– MVP and API Development: Implementation of a viable product ready for market introduction. 

– Utility Token ICO: A significant step towards platform utility and growth. 

– Platform Security Audit: Verification of platform integrity and security measures. 

MARCH 2024

Platform Launch and Partnerships

– Public Launch: Official availability of the Qorra platform for user transactions. 

– Pre-Launch Testing: Gathering feedback through beta testing to refine services. 

– NFT Marketplace Partnerships: Expanding our ecosystem through strategic collaborations. 


Expansion and Innovation

– Series A Funding: Securing funds to support further development and expansion. 

– Market Penetration: Aiming to become a leading provider of NFT insurance globally. 

– Metaverse Policy Development: Innovating insurance solutions for the Metaverse and in-game assets. 

APRIL 2025